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Osborne hails 'momentous progress' in UK-China links

George Osborne hailed the "momentous progress" in links between the UK and China as he set out his ambitions for the City of London to be the major offshore hub for trade in the Chinese currency.

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UK and China sign trade deals worth £14 billion

Chinese premier Li Keqiang and prime minister David Cameron at the Foreign Office, London Credit: Pool

China and the UK have signed business deals worth £14 billion in what Prime Minister David Cameron said was a "growing relationship" and reflected the popularity of the UK as China's country of choice for investment in Europe.

"We've had more Chinese investment into the United Kingdom in the last 18 months than we've had in the whole of the last 30 years combined," he said.

Mr Cameron said the figures proved Britain "was the most open economy in the EU, the most welcoming to Chinese investment," including in the nuclear industry and infrastructure, and was determined to keep it that way.

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