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Stamp duty 'costs average homeowner almost £12,000'

Stamp duty costs the average homeowner almost £12,000 over the course of a lifetime of climbing the UK's housing ladder, research from a global bank has found. Lloyd's TSB found the ax on legal recognition of documents cost £11,782 per homeowner.

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Stamp duty 'an important source of revenue'

Stamp duty is "an important source of revenue" for the Government and cutting it would "create a significant cost to the Exchequer" at a time when the country is already in debt, a Treasury spokeswoman said.

It is a progressive tax and those who purchase higher value property pay a higher share of tax. In 2012, 34% of transactions didn't pay SDLT on their purchases and a further 43% paid less than £2,500.

SDLT is an important source of Government revenue, raising several billion pounds each year to help pay for the essential services the Government provides and supports.

Reducing it would create a significant cost to the Exchequer at a time when the Government is focused on reducing the deficit.

– A Treasury Spokeswoman

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