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Campaign group demands 'sugar tax' to tackle obesity

The campaign group Action On Sugar has called on the Government to introduce a "sugar tax" to discourage consumption of sweetened soft drinks.

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Cardiologist condemns junk food advertising

Dr Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist and science director of Action on Sugar, said

It is really quite shameful that the food industry continues to spend billions in junk food advertising targeting children, the most vulnerable members of society. They even manage to associate sugary products with sport.

Physical activity has a multitude of benefits but a child doing an hour of PE every day would be putting all to waste if they ended up gorging on a burger and chips and a packet of crisps washed down with a sugary drink.

One has to run half a marathon to burn off those calories. It's time to bust the myth of physical activity and obesity and dissociate junk food and sport.

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