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Cardiff mosque: We were not involved in radicalisation

Leaders of a Cardiff mosque, attended by three young men who are now fighting in Syria, say they had nothing to do with their radicalisation.

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Osborne: No absence of money to keep country safe

Chancellor George Osborne has played down suggestions that monitoring British Jihadis returning to the UK could be hampered by a shortage of funds.

He told BBC Breakfast: "There's no absence of money to keep our country safe. We've made a huge investment in security and counter-terrorism.

George Osborne's comments came after Brits were shown in an Isis 'recruitment' video. Credit: YouTube

"I don't think it's a question of the money, because we've not only protected the counter-terrorism budget, we've increased funding for the security services.

"But it's a question of priorities, I think. These are highly-trained professionals in the security services and the police and they do profiles, they work out who are most likely to be the biggest risks and of course they focus their human resources on that."

"The police and the security service and the Government are working intensively on this, as I've seen for myself," the Chancellor added.

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