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Cardiff mosque: We were not involved in radicalisation

Leaders of a Cardiff mosque, attended by three young men who are now fighting in Syria, say they had nothing to do with their radicalisation.

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New picture of Abdul Raqib Amin 'prior to radicalisation'

Picture of Abdul Raqib Amin on a night out with friends a few years ago. Credit: SWNS

A new photograph has emerged of Abdul Raqib Amin, a British man who appeared in an Isis militant recruitment video, before he was 'radicalised' by Islamist extremists.

Taken on a night out with friends in Aberdeen a few years ago when he was in his early twenties, clean-shaven smiling and posing jokily with friends, he is just another young man on a night out in town.

A former schoolmate, Naz Hussain, 28, said of Amin's appearance in the Islamist militant video: "He was really popular, everyone knew him. All his old classmates, they just can't believe it."

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