Third shopper reveals Primark clothing 'SOS' message

A woman in Belfast is the third shopper to find what appears to be an SOS message in at item of Primark clothing.

The handwritten note, which claims to be from a prisoner in China working under slave labour conditions, was reportedly found inside a pair of trousers bought by Karen Wisínska in a Primark store in Belfast in June 2011.

The note, translated below, were found in a pair of Primark trousers bought in 2011. Credit: Amnesty International

Ms Wisínska said the trousers had remained unworn and in a cupboard until she discovered the message in them earlier this week and contacted Amnesty International.

The message, headed "SOS! SOS! SOS!" reads: "We are prisoners in the Xiang Nan Prison of the Hubei Province in China. Our job inside the prison is to produce fashion clothes for export.

"We work 15 hours per day and the food we eat wouldn't even be given to dogs or pigs. We work as hard as oxen in the field.

"We call on the international community to condemn the Chinese government for the violation of our human rights!"