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Three-year-old boy died after NHS 'catalogue of errors'

A string of blunders by NHS workers led to the death of a three-year-old boy, a review has found.

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NHS are 'determined to make sure lessons are learned'

NHS services in Devon are "determined to ensure that the lessons really have been learnt" from the untimely death of a three-year-old who died from sepsis after a "catalogue of errors" across local health services.

Dr Graham Lockerbie spoke on behalf of Cricketfield GP Surgery, NHS Direct, out-of-hours service Devon Doctors Ltd and South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, and said:

Sam and his family have been let down by the NHS. It's clear that there were shortcomings at every stage of his contact with the health service and that, in the words of the Ombudsman, Sam died when he should have survived.

All of the organisations involved recognise that opportunities to alter the tragic outcome were missed. We all accept the blame for that. For this, we, the local NHS, apologise unreservedly to Sam's family. Quite simply, we should have done better.

– Dr Graham Lockerbie

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