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Simple blood test could detect early signs of breast cancer

A blood test could offer an early screening system for breast cancer - even in women who do not have the BRCA genes, scientists said. Experts found a molecular "switch" in the blood which increases the chance of breast cancer, but can be tested for.

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Blood test would allow women to 'control cancer risk'

A simple blood test which could detect the early signs of breast cancer would allow a woman to "take control of her own risk", a medical expert said.

Dr Matthew Lam, senior research officer at the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, described the findings as "definitely promising".

This could mean that in the future a woman may be able to have a simple blood test to look for this DNA signature, and therefore know if she is at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

If she does have this signature, she could then work with her doctor to explore the options available to help her take control of her own risk.

These could include lifestyle changes, tailored breast screening, risk-reducing drugs or surgery.

– Dr Matthew Lam

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