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Simple blood test could detect early signs of breast cancer

A blood test could offer an early screening system for breast cancer - even in women who do not have the BRCA genes, scientists said. Experts found a molecular "switch" in the blood which increases the chance of breast cancer, but can be tested for.

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Breast cancer blood test 'could screen most women'

A blood test for breast cancer could soon be available and offer an early warning system for all women, not just those with the BRCA genes, scientists said.

Women with a BRCA gene have an 85% chance of developing breast cancer. Credit: PA

Experts found a molecular "switch" in blood samples which increase a women's chances of having breast cancer.

The marker is associated with the BRCA1 breast cancer gene but was also found in other breast cancer patients who went on to develop the disease.

Before this blood test there was no way of predicting the likelihood of breast cancer in someone if the disease did not run in their family.

Around 10% of breast cancers are caused by BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene variants inherited from parents, leaving 90% of cases unexplained.

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