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UK airport security to be increased after US call

Security is being increased at UK airports after the US asked for tougher measures amid reports that terrorists are working on a bomb that could evade scanners. The Government said most passengers should not experience disruption from the new regime.

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Clegg: UK must work with US on terror threat response

Nick Clegg has told Good Morning Britain it is "very important" that Britain works with the US to ensure a response to "credible" new terror threats.

Following the news that security measures at UK airports will be increased, the Deputy Prime Minister said, "We will play our part, as will other countries, to make sure that where security checks can be tightened up, they will be tightened up."

Asked if there was an increased terror threat, Mr Clegg said: "There's always a shifting contest if you like where people who want to do us harm are trying to find new ways of doing so.

"We need to anticipate that and ... try and deal with the new ways in which they are trying to do us harm."

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