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New national inquiry into child sex abuse in families

The Children's Commissioner is launching a new two-year nationwide inquiry into child sex abuse in families. The inquiry will particularly look at the issue of forced marriage, since this is thought to often lead to abuse.

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'Many of us will be disturbed' at scale of child abuse

The Children's Commissioner has said the public will be shocked at both the scale of family child sex abuse and the way in which victims are treated.

Dame Maggie Atkinson has ordered a two-year national review of chid sex abuse within family environments, including arising from forced marriages.

"Society is rightly horrified by child sexual abuse," Dame Maggie said.

"Most of our children are raised in secure, loving homes but I am sure very many of us will be disturbed by how much abuse within the family environment goes unreported and how little is done to support the children who suffer," she added.

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