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Private school pupils 'earn £200,000 more'

Children educated at private school are likely to earn almost £200,000 more over the course of their career than their counterparts in the state system, new research suggests.

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'Shocking waste of potential' in British schools

The sharp achievement gap between state and private school-educated pupils means there is a "shocking waste of potential", according to the chairman of educational charity the Sutton Trust.

Sir Peter Lampl's remarks come in the foreword to a new report that shows private school pupils will earn significantly more than their state school peers.

"This is a shocking waste of potential. This report clearly sets out the advantages that can be gained from a good private education," Sir Peter writes.

The Sutton Trust is calling for more independent schools to take on able pupils from less well-off backgrounds.

The charity suggests private schools should get the same funding per pupil as state schools, with the ability to charges fees on a means-tested basis, with the poorest paying nothing.

Their study suggests extending such a scheme to 100 leading private schools would cost the Government about £215 million a year.

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