Heavy metal fan suffers headbang brain injury

A headbanging heavy metal fan saw his rocking out at a Motorhead concert lead to a potentially fatal blood clot on the brain, doctors have said.

Doctors said the injury cemented Motorhead's rock'n'roll reputation Credit: Reuters

Medics were forced to drill a hole into the 50-year-old German man's skull to remove the clot, which was thought to have been caused by his enthusiastic headbanging at a concert from the speed metal legends a month earlier.

Four other cases of headbanging-induced blood clots had been identified, one of which resulted in death, according to a paper published in the medical journal The Lancet.

"Our patient had no history of head trauma so we assume that headbanging, with its brisk forward and backward acceleration and deceleration forces, led to rupturing of bridging veins causing haemorrhage into the subdural space," the doctors wrote.

"This case serves as evidence in support of Motorhead's reputation as one of the most hardcore rock'n'roll acts on earth, if nothing else because of their contagious speed drive and the hazardous potential for headbanging fans to suffer brain injury."