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Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza as air strikes continue

Israel has launched a ground offensive in Gaza with residents reporting heavy shelling in the area.

Palestinian health officials say 27 Palestinians, including a baby, two children and a 70-year-old woman, have been killed since Israel sent ground forces into the densely-populated strip of 1.8 million Palestinians.

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Israel launches 'open-ended' airstrikes against Gaza

Young men search under the rubble of their homes destroyed in last night's rocket attacks.

Israel has launched a number of airstrikes on the Gaza strip, in what the army is calling an open-ended operation aimed at ending rocket attacks.

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Israeli forces have mobilised along the border, raising the threat of a ground invasion.

The latest round of strikes is the heaviest between the Israeli military and Hamas since the eight-day battle in November 2012.

A Palestinian child carries a duvet as he walks past rubble near his home. Credit: Reuters

Palestinian medics said at least 25 people have been killed, including six people who died after an airstrike flattens an apartment block.

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