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Channel Islands earthquake 'biggest in 90 years'

The biggest earthquake in Jersey and Guernsey on the Channel Islands for almost 90 years has struck, with a magnitude of 4.2.

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Met office heard a 'loud rumble and a crashing sound'

Jersey Met Office has confirmed that the Channel Island earthquake was the "biggest for the past 90 to 100 years".

Spokesman Tony Pallot, who felt the quake, said: "We are based at Jersey Airport on the first floor of arrivals, and we suddenly heard this quite loud rumble, crashing-type sound."

Historical map showing all quakes and tremors within the Channel Islands area. Credit: British Geological society

Tim Phillips, general manager of the Club Hotel and Spa in St Helier, was in a meeting with up to 30 people when the earthquake struck.

He said: "The building shook for about 20 seconds. It wasn't violent, but it was enough to make everyone question what was happening."

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