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Investigators to examine second black box from MH17

Air investigators are to examine a second black box which was recovered from flight MH17 today.

The data could reveal if the pilots were aware of a missile coming towards the plane and what happened in the last few seconds of the flight if they were able to speak.

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Russia 'can't wash hands of blame for MH17 disaster'

Russia cannot wash its hands of responsibility for the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jet and must fully co-operate with an international investigation into the diaster, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said.

Mr Abbott has previously accused "Russian-backed rebels" of being responsible for the attack, which left 298 people dead including 28 Australians.

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott discussing the flight MH17 disaster. Credit: Reuters

"This is a problem - a very serious problem. Australia takes a very dim view of countries which facilitate the killing of Australians," he told a press conference.

"The idea that Russia can wash its hands of responsibility because this happened in Ukrainian airspace just does not stand up to serious scrutiny. We all know what's happening in the Ukraine."

Mr Abbott said any party that attempted to block access to or contaminate the crash site was "no friend of justice" and "no friend of peace".

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