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Minister vows to 'slay health and safety culture'

Employees who hurt themselves by "doing something dumb" at work could lose the right to claim damages if their bosses have taken sensible precautions.

The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, says employers who "do the right thing" should not have to face being sued because their employees have had an accident that is "entirely their own fault".

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Grayling: Marketing 'encourages compensation claims'

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says marketing from so-called 'ambulance-chasing' law firms has contributed to a culture of trying to shift the blame for accidents.

“There is an industry out there that’s trying to get you to claim,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

"“I think generally speaking we have become a society where people are more willing to have a go, where there’s marketing to encourage them, and I think perhaps too little inclination to say ‘it was me that messed that up’," he added.

"We are a bit of a society that is a bit too inclined to blame someone else.”

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