1. John Irvine

Israel neither admits or denies responsibility for attack

The Israelis are not admitting responsibility but they are not denying it either.

An Israeli military spokesman told ITV News that there was an "extensive battle in the area" around the school today, as Israeli soldiers responded to Hamas' anti-tank missiles and mortars.

He said Israel had had yet to determine whether it was Israeli ordinates or Hamas ordinates that struck the school - but if it was the Israelis it was a mistake.

Relatives of Palestinian victims of the attack mourn outside a hospital in Gaza. Credit: Reuters

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today his staff in Gaza had been trying to arrange an evacuation.

Israel said it had been urging an evacuation over the last three days, but had no idea why the evacuation did not happen.

So something that was agreed in principle didn't happen in practice, and I'm afraid the cost in that has been very high indeed.