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Police 'spied' on family of man mistakenly shot by officers

Police reportedly spied on the family of Jean Charles de Menezes - who was shot dead by officers who mistook him for a suicide bomber in 2005.

A report on undercover policing released today is critical of the Metropolitan Police.

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Met 'collected data which didn't help prevent crime'

The senior management of Scotland Yard moles showed a "lack of regard" for the rules after collecting information on groups "which served no purpose in preventing crime", a report has found.

My report is very clear that criticism must be levelled at the Metropolitan Police Service for keeping information, which had been gathered by undercover officers, which served no purpose in preventing crime or disorder.

This is not a criticism of the deployment of the individual officers, but of the lack of regard the SDS, Special Branch and the Metropolitan Police Service senior management paid to the rules and legislation that clearly set out what they should, and should not have, collected and retained.

– Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon

However, Mr Creedon said there was no evidence to suggest that officers deliberately targeted black justice groups that pressed for action following police shootings, deaths in police custody and serious racist assaults.

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