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Voters 'increasingly anxious' over Scotland's economy

Support for independence has increased despite growing anxiety about how a Yes vote would affect Scotland's economy and international standing, according to a survey.

The latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey found support for a Yes vote increased from 36% to 39% during the last 12 months, while No support fell from 64% to 61%, excluding undecided voters.

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Yes vote 'opportunity to escape Westminster austerity'

A Yes vote for Scottish independence is an opportunity to "escape Westminster's austerity agenda", the Scottish National Party says.

Responding to comments from Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn said:

The fact is that austerity is the reality of Westminster - and more cuts to Scotland's budget and threats to our NHS are what will follow in the event of a No vote.

A Yes vote in September is our one opportunity to escape from Westminster's austerity agenda and to invest Scotland's wealth in making our country fairer and more prosperous for everyone who lives here - and we should grab it with both hands.

– SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn

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