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Moving Trident out of Scotland is 'not impossible'

Relocating the UK's nuclear deterrent out of an independent Scotland is not impossible but would cost far less than previously predicted, experts have suggested.

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Relocation of nuclear deterrent 'financially feasible'

Credit: PA Images

A research paper by the Royal United Services Institute has claimed that relocating Trident out of Scotland should the nation become independent would be both financially and technically feasible.

The paper estimates that recreating the facilities outside Scotland would add £2.5 to £3.5 billion (at 2012/13 prices) to the cost of maintaining a nuclear-armed fleet, plus the cost of acquiring and clearing the land and costs of moving people and material around, but it is very unlikely to cost "tens of billions" cited elsewhere.

But it would take more than a decade to recreate the facilities, rather than the four years to which the SNP is currently committed, the authors said.

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