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Experts to study festival 'legal highs'

Government scientists are being sent to the V Festival to analyse samples of so-called legal highs amid renewed warnings against taking the party drugs.

The Home Office is launching a national campaign highlighting the risks of legal highs including laughing gas, which was more widely used than powdered cocaine and ecstasy last year.

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Campaign to raise awareness over 'legal high' dangers

A national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of new psychoactive substances (NPS) - so-called 'legal' highs - among teenagers and young adults has been launched by the Home Office.

The radio, digital and mobile phone adverts are aimed at people aged 15 to 21 and warn them about the risks of taking the drugs.

The campaign focuses on the risks and harms associated with a range of legal highs including nitrous oxide, which is commonly known as "laughing gas".

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