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Many councils 'have no system to collect neglect data'

Many councils do not know how many children in their area are likely to suffer from neglect, according to a charity.

New research by Action for Children suggests that around 60% of local authorities do not have systems in place to collect information that would give early warning signs that youngsters are being neglected.

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Families need help early 'to stop child neglect'

Lack of information gathering is putting children's lives at further risk, the chief executive of Action for Children has said, after a report from the charity suggested that around 60% of councils did not have adequate systems in place to give early warning signs over whether youngsters are being neglected.

This is unacceptable when we know more can be done - we cannot allow the suffering of any child. Neglect can be stopped in its tracks.

Families need help as early as possible so they can make positive changes in their lives, transforming their and their children's stories by being the best parents they can be.

– Sir Tony Hawkhead, Action for Children chief executive

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