Ukip rallies 'house-proud Brits' over EU vacuum ruling

A new EU ruling that will limit the power of vacuum cleaners has come under attack from Ukip as "another reminder of why we need to leave the European Union."

From September 1, vacuum manufacturers will no longer be able to make or import cleaners with motors that exceed 1,600 watts, under the EU's energy efficiency directive.

ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports:

But the move has angered Ukip MEP Louise Bours, who said it acts against the interest of "house-proud Brits" as she urged consumers to buy the remaining models that exceed the 1,600-watt limit.

"This is being done in the name of tackling climate change but the reality is it will do nothing to help and just make life harder for house-proud Brits."

"How dare the European Commission dictate which machines we can or can't use," she added. "In every walk of life our choices are increasingly limited by these faceless bureaucrats."

The top four performing vacuums in the UK feature motors of between 1,800 and 2,200 watts, according to consumer watchdog Which?

Hoover said the firm has spent the past 18 months adapting 57 of its machines to meet the new EU regulations "with a focus on maintaining or even improving performance".

In 2017, the EU plans to reduce vacuums' motor wattage down to 900W.