High street 'must improve access for disabled'

High street shops are missing out on business from more than 12 million customers across the country because they are not disabled-friendly, the government has warned.

Research carried out with 1,200 people with disabilities found shopping was the most difficult activity in terms of access, closely followed by going to the cinema, theatre or concerts.

Shopping was found to be the most difficult activity for people with disabilities due to poor accessibility Credit: PA

Minister for Disabled People, Mark Harper, has now written to more than 200 of the UK's biggest businesses and 80 trade organisations, urging them to improve accessibility.

We want businesses up and down our high streets to realise they're excluding more than 12 million customers and their families if they fail to cater for disabled people. That's the equivalent to the populations of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff and Manchester combined. It's not just about fairness, it makes good business sense to be accessible.

– Minister for Disabled People, Mark Harper