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Cameron calls on EU to double Ebola funding

David Cameron has called for EU leaders to double their funding in the fight against Ebola to £800 million.

It comes after one of the doctors who discovered the virus, Professor Peter Piot, said the rest of Europe was not doing enough to tackle the epidemic.

Downing Street said the current total contribution from the EU was just £400 million.

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Riots in Guinea after rumours of 'deliberate infection'

Riots have broken out in Guinea as people react to rumours that officials have deliberately been infecting locals with the Ebola virus.

Several people were injured as a crowd of young men armed with clubs and knives set up barricades across the southern city of Nzerekore, threatening to attack the hospital. Gunshots were fired as security forces moved in to restore order.

More than 400 people have died of Ebola in Guinea to date Credit: Reuters

President of the Guinean Red Cross, Youssouf Traore, said local Red Cross workers had fled to a nearly military camp with their medical equipment.

A rumour, which was totally false, spread that we had sprayed the market in order to transmit the virus to locals.

People revolted and resorted to violence, prompting soldiers to intervene.

– Youssouf Traore, Guinean Red Cross

More than 400 people have died to date in Guinea, of more than 1,550 deaths across West Africa as a result of the latest Ebola outbreak.

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