Two die in wedding fireworks blast

A man and woman have died following an explosion at a lakeside wedding celebration.

It is thought the two casualties may be firework technicians who had been booked to stage an evening display at a luxury property in Ecclerigg, Cumbria, off the shore of Lake Windermere.

Police are investigating what caused the fire. Credit: Anthony Middleton

They had joined around 70 guests who had gathered to mark the wedding of local insurance boss John Simpson and his partner, Nicole Rothwell.

Witnesses and neighbours spoke of an "almighty bang" at about 3.15pm yesterday followed by a series of "smaller bangs and pops". A shed containing the fireworks erupted into flames and spread to another outbuilding and a parked car nearby.

A spokesman for Cumbria Constabulary said: "Police and the fire service are investigating the circumstances that led to the fire."