Airport Commission 'sets debate back by half a century'

Boris Johnson has accused the Airports Commission of setting the debate on increasing the UK's aviation capacity back by half a century

A plan to build a four-runway airport on the Thames estuary has been rejected by the Airports Commission due to the economic and environmental costs of the project.

Boris Johnson's proposal has suffered a major setback. Credit: PA Wire

"In one myopic stroke the Airports Commission has set the debate back by half a century and consigned their work to the long list of vertically filed reports on aviation expansion that are gathering dust on a shelf in Whitehall," Mr Johnson said.

The Mayor of London said expanding Gatwick or Heathrow Airports were not the long term solution, insisting his proposal was the one needed to ensure the UK "remains competitive".

"It remains the only credible solution, any process that fails to include it renders itself pretty much irrelevant, and I'm absolutely certain that it is the option that will eventually be chosen," he added.