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NHS to fund Ashya King's treatment in Czech Republic

The NHS is to pay for five-year-old brain tumour patient Ashya King's proton beam therapy treatment in the Czech Republic.

His parents Brett and Naghemeh King sparked an international police hunt after they took their son out of Southampton General Hospital and travelled to Prague for the treatment which was not available for him on the NHS.

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Ashya King's father: He hasn't got long left to live

Brett King, the father of Ashya King, has given an emotional press conference after his release from Spanish prison.

"Hopefully now we can see our son, we can be together and show love to him. Because without that there is no purpose to life," he said.

"We just want to help my son get through this bad time.

"Because he hasn't got too many months to live. And we were locked away in a cell and no one can do anything.

"We're just trying to speed things up to help him as much as possible."

Watch the full English language section of the press conference here:

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