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'Tax OAPs to fund NHS,' reports says

The rich and middle-aged should be taxed more to pay for the NHS and social care, a new report suggests.

Meanwhile, the elderly should be stripped of their free television licences and winter fuel payment for older people should only be given to those most in need, experts said.

The new report, by a commission brought together by leading think-tank The King's Fund, also suggests that fewer people should be eligible for free prescriptions through the health service.

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Care system 'not fit to provide what we need and want'

The current care system in England and Wales is "not fit to provide the kind of care we need and want", the commissioner of a report into an NHS overhaul has said.

Dame Kate Barker said: "We propose radical change, greater than any since 1948, that would bring immense benefit to people who fall between the cracks between means-tested social care and a free NHS.

"This includes people at the end of life and those with dementia or other conditions where too often there is a conflict about who pays at the expense of what people need."

Among the report's proposals were higher taxes for the richest, including those who are retired or of pension age, and increased national insurance contributions for those over 40.

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