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Thousands of Nato troops in show of force with military exercise

Nato staged a major military exercise in Latvia in a practical demonstration of leaders' commitment to defend its Baltic member states in the face of aggression from larger neighbours.

Around 500 paratroopers, hundreds of vehicles and aircraft are taking part in the exercise in Latvia's capital Riga. Exercise 'Steadfast Javelin II' simulates a deployment of Nato soldiers and equipment in another country in a crisis situation.

At a two-day Nato summit meeting in Wales members agreed to form a new rapid reaction force and to step up exercises in eastern Europe in response to Russia's actions in Ukraine.

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Cameron: Nato's message - Putin's actions are 'wrong'

David Cameron has told a press conference that the "clear message" from Nato is that President Putin's actions over Ukraine are "indefensible and wrong".

There has been a clear message sent out from this conference to Russia - that what President Putin is doing is indefensible and wrong.

We stand firmly behind Ukraine's right to make its own decisions. Not to have them dictated by Russian tanks rolling over the border.

– David Cameron

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