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UK urged to push for an international climate deal

David Cameron should push other leaders to follow the UK's lead in setting a series of targets to drive down climate emissions, environmental groups have urged.

A new international climate deal, which backers want to see signed at the end of 2015, should follow the example of the UK's Climate Change Act, which includes a series of five-year "carbon budgets" for reducing greenhouse gases over time, they said.

They stressed that the Prime Minister should use the momentum building ahead of a climate summit in New York later this month to push for a strong international deal in 2015.

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Environmental groups call for 'ambitious' climate deal

A coalition of environmental groups and charities have set out what they want to see from a global climate deal.

The group, including Greenpeace, WWF, the RSPB and Christian Aid, said an international agreement should include ambitious plans by countries for taking action both before and after 2020.

The environmental groups have urged David Cameron to push others to follow the UK's example. Credit: Reuters

It should also provide a clear legal framework for delivering and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions cuts.

An agreement, which backers want to see signed at the end of 2015, establish a framework with rolling commitments to reduce emissions and support efforts to adapt to a changing climate, they added.

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