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Russia says EU 'against peace' as US backs new sanctions

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the European Union has "made its choice against" a peace process in Ukraine by approving tougher sanctions against Russia.

President Barack Obama said the United States will join the EU in imposing sanctions on Russia's financial, energy and defence sectors after Moscow sent troops into eastern Ukraine last month.

David Cameron has spoken to European leaders and agreed to push ahead with the sanctions by the end of the week, his spokesman has confirmed.

After the announcement the Russian rouble reached a new historic low against the dollar.

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Ukraine: Curfews near Mariupol to keep out rebels

Pro-Kiev authorities in Mariupol, a frontline city in the conflict between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists, have announced a night curfew and other restrictions for nearby towns and villages to help control rebel movements during a fragile ceasefire.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko meets with Ukrainian servicemen during a visit to Mariupol earlier this week. Credit: Reuters

Some locals complained that the measures - which do not apply to the city of Mariupol itself - amounted to "undeclared martial law".

Others, however, said they were a necessary step enabling Ukrainian authorities to better monitor the shaky five-day ceasefire and prevent rebels exploiting it.

One military officer told Reuters: "This is not martial law. We want them to show themselves. If someone is out there between 8pm and 6am we will know they are not civilians and we can take appropriate measures."

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