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Scotland prepares for day of destiny

Scotland's decision day has arrived, with voters north of the border going to the polls today to determine if the country should remain part of the United Kingdom or not.

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Cameron warns Scotland 'leave and you will go forever'

David Cameron will launch a last-ditch bid to save the Union tomorrow after violent swings in the polls showed the referendum on Scottish independence heading for a dead heat.

Prime Minister David Cameron Credit: PA

In a speech in Scotland tomorrow Mr Cameron will warn voters that there will be “no way back” if they vote to leave the UK.

Going on the attack, he will abandon his “love-bombing” strategy of the past week and will warn: “If Scotland votes ‘yes’, the UK will split and we will go our separate ways for ever.”

On a trip to Aberdeen he will say: “We must be very clear that there’s no going back from this. No rerun. This is a once-and-for-all decision.”

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