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Labour: We will replace Police Commissioners

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has said a Labour government would abolish Police and Crime Commissioners and give local communities a "policing contract" to enforce priorities like keeping police on the beat.

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Liberty: PCCs were a 'very dangerous development'

The director of civil rights lobby group Liberty said she was "delighted" that Labour pledged to scrap Police and Crime Commissioners, saying they were always a "very dangerous development".

This was always a very dangerous development from a rule of law point of view, because you directly elect a charismatic individual politician to boss the chief constable around, to hire and fire the chief constable and to meddle in operational policing.

We have seen power being used to influence chief constables, their contracts not being renewed for a long time, we've seen scandals and corruption and I think partly that's why this experiment has now failed.

It wasn't just a failed experiment, it was wrong in principle - democracy cannot exist without the rule of law, and that means independent judges and chief constables.

– Shami Chakrabarti, the director of civil rights lobby group Liberty, speaking on the Sky News' Murnaghan programme

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