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Almost half of cancers 'caught too late'

Almost half of cancers diagnosed in England are discovered late knocking back the chances of successful treatment, according to a report.

Some 52,000 cancer patients could improve their chances of survival if they were diagnosed early - and save the NHS £210 million, the report from Cancer Research UK claims.

Early-stage tumours can often be removed by surgery, but once a cancer has started to spread around the body it becomes much more difficult and costly to treat.

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Action needed to give cancer patients a fighting chance

For cancer survivor Greig Trout, beating the disease twice has been an inspiration.

He is now trying to inspire other sufferers with his video diary chronicling the '101 things to do when you survive'.

Unfortunately for many other patients, cancer is not caught early enough and 160,000 people still die from the disease each year in the UK.

Experts say better diagnosis rates have the potential to save thousands of lives, as well as saving money on expensive treatment for late-stage cancers.

ITV News reporter Sascha Williams reports.

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