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Clegg urges voters to give Lib Dems another chance

Nick Clegg has urged voters to give the Liberal Democrats another chance, after admitting his party have been tainted by government.

At the Liberal Democrat conference, the Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged that he was "no longer the "untainted... fresh-faced outsider", vowing to learn from the "mistake" of his infamous U-turn on university tuition fees.

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Clegg warns the war on drugs 'is not working'

Nick Clegg has warned his party that the war on drugs "is not working".

"Treat the people with addictions in the way that they need to be dealt with, which is they need help," he told the Lib Dem conference.

"If you really want to be tough on the Mr Bigs, don't do what we're doing at the moment which is imprisoning hundreds of people for personal possession," Clegg said.

Liberal Democrat leader seen through a camera. Credit: Pool

"What happens? They end up getting hooked on harder drugs, they end up hanging out with hardened criminals and they end up coming out as either criminals who inflict further misery on other victims or become even more hapless victims of the criminal gangs."

"How idiotic is that?" the Lib Dem leader added.

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