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Ukip may prop up minority Tory government in exchange for EU referendum

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said his party would prop up a minority Conservative government if it agreed to a "full, free and fair referendum" on Britain's EU membership.

It follows a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday which found that one in four Britons back Ukip.

The eurosceptic party won a by-election in Clacton with a giant 12,404-vote lead.

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Boris: Not much difference between Ukip and Tories

Boris Johnson has made an appeal to "kippers" thinking of voting for Ukip - saying "it doesn't seem to me there's a lot between us".

Boris Johnson made an appeal to "kippers" on BBC's Andrew Marr Show. Credit: Andrew Marr Show/BBC

The Mayor of London said Douglas Carswell, a Conservative defector who became Ukip's first MP appeared to be a "doppelganger" with whom he agreed on most subjects.

He told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show: "What do you want? You want a low-tax economy - what Douglas stands for - you want global free trade, you want a libertarian approach on the economy [...] socially progressive? Go for the Conservatives."

"We're the only party, by the way, that will deliver what the Ukip people want: a referendum on Europe."

He said the Conservatives should campaign to leave Europe should reforms of Britain's relationship with the EU not take place as hoped by the party, and called for a "points-based" system of immigration.

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