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Cameron appeals to Rochester and Strood byelection voters

David Cameron has made his first foray into the crucial Rochester and Strood byelection with an appeal to voters to give him "one last go" at negotiating a better deal for Britain in Europe.

The Prime Minister - who is desperate to prevent another Conservative seat falling to Ukip's "people's army" - insisted that only he could deliver on his promised in/out referendum on membership of the EU.

With Tory MPs under instructions to make at least three campaign visits to the Kent constituency - and Cabinet ministers at least five - the Conservative high command is committed to do all it can to halt Nigel Farage's battle for the seat.

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Top Tories in Rochester to battle Ukip threat

David Cameron and Michael Gove were both in Rochester and Strood today trying to head off the threat of another Ukip byelection victory.

The Prime Minister was in town to urge voters to give him "one last go" at renegotiating the UK's place in Europe, while Chief Whip Mr Gove said it was "very important to reach every voter in this constituency".

ITV News Political Correspondent Romilly Weeks reports.

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