Putin and Poroshenko talks 'difficult but ongoing'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described a meeting with a gathering of world leaders as "positive", although a Kremlin spokesman said talks were "difficult" and "full of misunderstandings".

Russian President Vladimir Putin in Milan Credit: AP Photo/Daniel Dal Zennaro

Putin met with Ukranian leader Petro Poroshenko as European leaders met for the Asia-Europe (Asem) summit in Milan to discuss the crisis in the east of Ukraine amid accusations from both sides that a current ceasefire has been broken with repeated shelling.

Other leaders at the summit, including David Cameron, warned if Russia doesn't stick to its commitments agreed in a peace plan drawn up last month in Minsk, then the European Union would have to maintain sanctions that are in place against the country.

Putin and Poroshenko are due to have more talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande later today.