Middlesex leave Panthers behind

Middlesex will no longer call themselves the Panthers in one-day cricket the club have announced.

They will be referred to as Middlesex CCC, their traditional name, in all three formats of the game.

Middlesex are being more traditional. Credit: PA

Chief executive, Vinny Codrington explained: "When we launched our one-day Panthers brand back in 2009, there was a strong desire for each of the counties to have a vibrant and dynamic one-day name and image, resulting in names such as the 'Dragons', 'Sabres', 'Gladiators' and 'Lions' to name but a few, and we ourselves subsequently became the Middlesex 'Panthers'.

"A lot has changed in Middlesex cricket over the last five years and.... we therefore felt that one clear, consistent and immediately recognisable brand would offer greater clarity and assist us in terms of our awareness and recognition within and around the county and further afield as this work continues at pace.

"We are looking forward to being known now simply as 'Middlesex CCC', which to anyone in the game of cricket is a name that immediately invokes feelings of heritage, success and respect - values which we, as a club, pride ourselves on."