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George Osborne: Britain to pay half of disputed £1.7bn EU bill

George Osborne has said that Britain's disputed £1.7bn EU bill has been halved, delayed and will not include interest.

However, British officials told ITV News Europe Editor James Mates that the £850m of the bill not paid up front will be covered by a rebate Britain was due to receive in future.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls claimed the Chancellor was "trying to take the British people for fools" with the deal and has in fact not saved the taxpayer "a single penny".

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Farage attacks 'sham' Osborne deal on £1.7bn EU bill

Nigel Farage says George Osborne is "trying to spin his way out of disaster" with his claims that Britain has halved its £1.7 billion EU bill.

The Ukip leader said the decision to use a planned rebate to pay for half of the "unfair" levy was not the "result" the Chancellor had claimed.

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