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Ed Miliband: I am going nowhere

Ed Miliband has vowed to "fight for a fairer, more just, more equal Britain" and has urged Labour supporters to join him.

He said that despite what critics threw at him he 'was going nowhere.'

The Labour leader was speaking at the University of London in an attempt to to relaunch his party to the UK electorate.

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Conservatives: Miliband still has no plan for UK's future

A Conservative minister has hit out at Ed Miliband after this morning's speech, saying the Labour leader still has no plan for the future of the country.

Matthew Hancock, who has a joint brief in the Energy and Business departments, told BBC News:

The problem is for Ed Miliband and for Labour is that they haven’t got a plan to secure Britain’s future. They haven’t got what we call a long-term economic plan and they may blame the media, but it’s people on their own side who are saying that Ed Miliband is not up to the job.

– Matthew Hancock MP

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