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Ed Miliband: I am going nowhere

Ed Miliband has vowed to "fight for a fairer, more just, more equal Britain" and has urged Labour supporters to join him.

He said that despite what critics threw at him he 'was going nowhere.'

The Labour leader was speaking at the University of London in an attempt to to relaunch his party to the UK electorate.

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Ed Miliband: Don't declare result until final whistle

Ed Miliband has played down allegations that he is unpopular with potential Labour voters, saying that "you don't declare the result of the match until the final whistle."

When asked by ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship if he was going to acknowledge that many of his MP's say he is unpopular with potential Labour voters, Mr Miliband said that he didn't think this was the case and that he "relished" the challenge.

The Doncaster North MP said that if Labour went out to fight for what they believe in, then his party would win the next general election.

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