Hundreds bury heads in the sand in climate change protest

Hundreds of protesters have buried their heads in the sands of Australia’s Bondi Beach in a mocking gesture against what they say is a refusal to act on climate change.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s perceived reluctance to put the issue on the agenda of a G20 summit over the weekend has sparked anger from campaigners, who said the policy was “embarrassing” in the wake of a deal struck between the US and China to limit their carbon footprints.

Hundreds gathered on Bondi Beach for the 'head in the sand' protest Credit: Reuters

Surfers, parents, schoolchildren and business people in smart suits could all be seen among those gathered.

One protester – former army intelligence officer Justin Field – said the country had to act.

To be so far behind the rest of the developed world embarrasses progressive Australia.

– Justin Field, protester
Some of the more athletic protesters chose to do handstands in the sand Credit: Reuters

Abbott notoriously rubbished climate change science in 2009, and claimed using coal was “good for humanity”.

And in July, Australia repealed a tax on greenhouse gas emissions – the only country to reverse action on climate change.