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Philae probe finds 'organic molecules' on comet

Scientists working on data collected the Philae probe have said that during a drill for a soil sample the Philae probe was able to "sniff" organic molecules.

Earlier, incredible images showed the moment the Philae probe dropped from its satellite and first landed on Comet 67P five days ago.

The high-resolution shots, taken by the Rosetta satellite's narrow-angle camera, capture the 30 minutes since the probe touched down on the comet's surface.

At the moment scientists have lost contact with the probe after its batteries died. It will only wake up if enough sunlight recharges its solar panels.

But the mission is still deemed a success as it is the first spacecraft to ever land on a comet.

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Rosetta scientist apologises for shirt after backlash

A British scientist working on the Rosetta project has apologised for his choice of shirt after a backlash on social media.

Dr Matt Taylor was initially hailed as ‘cool’ for his colourful choice of shirt, which showed off his full sleeve tattoos. But a closer look revealed the pattern on the clothing was made up of scantily-clad women, leading to accusations that it was sexist.

In a Google Hangout briefing on the latest developments in the project today, Dr Taylor appeared to be fighting back tears as he apologised. His colleague, flight director Andrea Accomazzo, even gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder as he composed himself.

The shirt I wore this week – I made a big mistake, and I offended many people, and I’m very sorry about this.

– Matt Taylor, Rosetta project scientist

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