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Britain tops list of nations granting migrant citizenships

Official figures have revealed that Britain granted more migrants citizenship in 2012 than any other country in the European Union.

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Britain took 23.7% of all new 2012 EU citizenships

The Home Office insisted British citizenship was a "privilege, not a right" and blamed the figures on "uncontrolled" levels of immigration under the last Labour government.

Around three quarters of the 818,000 new citizenships in the EU were granted in just six countries, according to Eurostat, the union's statistical office.

Britain took 23.7% of all new 2012 EU citizenships. Credit: PA

Britain topped the list with 23.7%, followed by Germany on 14%, France on 11.7%, Spain on 11.5%, Italy on 8% and Sweden on 6.1%.

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