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New terror laws 'nothing like as dramatic' as proposed

New anti-terror laws are "not as dramatic" as proposed the reviewer of terror legislation has said.

David Anderson QC said some of the powers to stop British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria were ill-thought out and would not work in practice.

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Human rights groups blast new terror laws

Human rights groups have branded new terror laws going through parliament this week as "a recipe for injustice".

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: "Yet again politicians resort to high talk and rushed legislation in an attempt to look tough in the face of terrorism.

"So youngsters will have their passports seized at borders and others will be prevented coming home. Even our universities must read from ministers' scripts on radicalisation.

"Another chilling recipe for injustice and resentment by closing down the open society you seek to promote."

Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, added Theresa May's speech had "highlighted that the 'snoopers' charter' was anything but dead and buried."

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