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Father of Lee Rigby: I want apology from security agencies

The father of Fusilier Lee Rigby has said he wants an apology from Britain's intelligence services after accusing them of failing to prevent his son's murder.

The Intelligence and Security Committee said in a report that spy agencies could not have stopped the soldier's murder in May 2013, despite his killers featuring in a total of seven error-filled operations before the attack.

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Experts: Further online monitoring 'could breach privacy'

Internet industry experts today said suggestions that the government should expand its monitoring of online content could breach personal privacy rights.

A report looking at what intelligence there was of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s killers before his murder has made a number of recommendations of social media companies, including installing an “automatic trigger” to identify potential terrorist activity and allow authorities to pursue it.

The report suggests social media firms should have an 'automatic trigger' to pick up on suspicious activity Credit: PA

But experts say this is the equivalent of asking telephone companies to listen to phone calls, or the post office to read mail.

Executive director of internet rights organisation Open Right Group, Jim Killock, said:

The government should not use the appalling murder of Fusilier Rigby as an excuse to justify the further surveillance and monitoring of the entire UK population.

The committee is particularly misleading when it implies that US companies do not co-operate, and it is quite extraordinary to demand that companies pro-actively monitor email content for suspicious material. Internet companies cannot and must not become an arm of the surveillance state.

– Jim Killock, Open Right Group

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