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Hong Kong police arrest two protest leaders

Hong Kong police have arrested two student leaders of the protests, which began in the region in September.

Occupy Central supporters refuse to budge despite repeated attempts to remove them but police obtained a court order allowing them to clear swathes of tents and barricades.

Eighty court bailiffs were also appointed to help clear the area.

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Hong Kong protest leaders arrested as police clear area

Joshua Wong (second left) and Lester Shum (far right) were arrested last night. Credit: Reuters

Hong Kong police have arrested two student leaders of the pro-democracy protests.

Joshua Wong and Lester Shum were held by officers, who attempted to clear hundreds of protesters overnight after obtaining a court order.

Police guard HSBC headquarters after clearing protests sites near the financial district. Credit: Reuters

Riot police demolished barricades which have been up since the protests began in September, allowing roads to open again.

Credit: Reuters

Eighty court-appointed bailiffs wearing red caps and "I love Hong Kong" T-shirts began clearing metal and wooden barricades where hundreds of tents had been erected.

Credit: Reuters

But defiant protesters, whose symbol has become the umbrella, vowed to stay put as talks with the government remain unresolved.

Credit: Reuters

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